Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services for Multi-residential and Commercial Central Heating and Cooling Systems

Central Heating & Cooling Systems

Central heating and cooling systems included but are not limited to hydronic boilers, steam boilers, chillers, cooling towers, gas-fired roof top units (RTUs), heat recovery ventilation units (HRVs), energy recovery units (ERVs), air handling units (AHUs), make up air units (MUAs) and many more. Within any facility these front-end HVAC systems connect to various heating and cooling central distribution systems such as fan coil systems, radiator systems, variable air volume air systems (VAV) and constant volume systems. There are many ways to provide central HVAC to a facility.

Proper engineering design is paramount for any HVAC system. A qualified Mechanical Engineer will ensure appropriate sizing of equipment, compliance with building codes and efficient engineering to reduce your energy costs. Any alteration or upgrade to a building or building system such as HVAC requires a building permit and thus requires a Professional Engineer to perform a proper design and ensure the construction of any HVAC system is in accordance with local building codes. Whether your project is new or a renovation, you should always consult with a Professional Mechanical Engineer prior to starting construction.

Choose BOLD Engineering for Your Project

BOLD Engineering Inc. has been offering professional mechanical engineering services since 2009 throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our clients include large public sector property managers, institutional clients, municipalities, commercial facilities, private property mangers and condo boards, schools, retail facilities, coop boards, and independent home owners on their existing and new building projects. BOLD employs a talented team of Engineers, Technicians and Technologists who are experts in facility HVAC systems near Toronto.

Autonomous heating system in the boiler room